1500 Strong Workforce


21 Lines, 1200 Machines

White Space



In-House Design Studio:
Bangalore also hosts our In-House design studio. Our Studio caters to our elite clientele with an exchange of know-how from European & domestic talent. Our sample unit constantly churns out new products designed in sync with trends from all over the world to serve our existing customers. With the support of our studio we are able make product samples/salesman samples in shorter lead time.

Pattern making Unit:
We have a fully computerized pattern and marker making unit that ensures optimum fabric utilization. The unit has skilled professionals, trained in pattern making for high-volume production of complex and specialized garments. Our personnel are trained to understand various size standards and body types of various countries and also various customers’ size charts. One of the key objectives of our pattern making unit is to ensure cost efficiency in production.

CAD-CAM Centre:
Our CAD-CAM centre is fully equipped and professionally operated. Its prime objective is to ensure zero errors in pattern making and also cost efficiency in production.

Cutting Machinery
Fabric Inspection – Ramsons
Fabric Spreading– Gerber
Plotter– Gerber
Auto Cutter– Gerber
Band Knife – Eastman
Fusing – Hashima, Kannegiesser

Sewing Unit
Our sewing Units are 100% automated and are one of the best units, amongst all the garment and apparel manufacturers in India. All our units are equipped with new age energy efficient machinery. The total installed capacity of all our production units put together is 21 lines with output of 200 units per line.

Our Machinery
Sewing – Juki, Sipami, Brother & Durkopp Adler
Cuffing & Collar pressing – Nagai Shing
Creasing – Maica
Automatic Button feeding – Liovo
Loop & Pocket setting – Juki & Sipami
Profiling – Juki, Sipami & Brother
Automatic Pocket Creasing – Sipami, Rotondi, & Maica
Pocket Mouth Hemming – Sipami
Fabric Spreading – Gerber
Topping – Ramsons
Needle detecting – Hashima


Embroidery Unit
Our embroidery unit is has state-of-the-art embroidery machines. With a pre-programmed system of sewing, our unit has the capacity to adopt up to 12 colour combinations on a single garment. The unit has an installed capacity of 12000 garments per day.

Printing Unit
The Printing Unit at Volta Fashions has an installed capacity of printing 1000 garments per day. Our high speed printing machines can print in 6 colour combinations and there are modern heat transfer machines for making heat-seal prints.

Finishing Unit
Our finishing department is equipped with state of the art machinery such as Body Press, Trouser Toppers. Our work force is provided continuous training in best work practices so as to improve their productivity, efficiency and quality etc.

Our Machinery:
100 kg Capacity Steam Boilers- Ramsons
Vacuum Iron Tables with Bucks- Ramsonsveit
Collar & Cuff Press- Veit
Automatic Twin Star Body Press- Kannegiesser
Semi-Automatic Shirt Folding Tables- Veit
Trouser Toppers- Veit
Needle Detecting- Hashima

Washing Plant
Our washing plant is currently under development. It is being planned in 4 acres of land with a build-up area of 35,000 sq.ft. The facility can wash denims (15,000) and non-denims (50,000) with the most modernized machinery/process. We have installed the most modern effluent treatment plant with zero liquid discharge. We have also processes in place for the treatment and disposal of the sludge.

7 Vertical Washers with 520 kg capacity -Ramsons
3 Hydro Extractors – Ramsons
7 Tumble Driers – Ramsons
Curing Oven – Ramsons
2 PP Spray Booths – Ramsons
10 Whisker Machines – Ramsons


20000 sq.ft. area
Safe Warehouses for fabric and inventory

Manual inspection of every garment to ensure quality.
Four Point system for fabric inspection in place.
On-line Tracking System for fabric and trim inventory.
Safe warehouses for fabric and produced inventory.
Generously spacious sample room.


Custom developed ERP system by KagamiERP for Volta Fashions, to ensure operational efficiency, transparency and excellence in all departments.